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Wednesday, May 6

Hello Preschool friends! I hope you are doing well. I know the weather this week is not the best so it's a great time to play some games inside with your family. Below I'm going to show you some ideas to have fun in your house together!

We wish we were all together to celebrate the special ladies in our lives with our Tea with my Favorite Lady event that was scheduled for this week. Take some time to let your little one have some fun with mom or grandma and even create a special Tea sensory bin.

Grab a tea set or even some plastic cups and have fun with pom poms and color water. A couple of ideas are below.

Set up your sensory bin in the bathtub or a large plastic container, under the bed storage containers are great for this. Place your child’s tea set or any empty cups and spoons into the bin. Add red, yellow and blue water. This will allow your little one the opportunity to mix colors to make all the other colors of the rainbow.

Have fun and don't forget the cookies for a snack and to drink with your pinkies up! :)

Since it's Mother's Day this weekend let's go on a Scavenger Hunt

Another fun activity is to mail a "hug" to a loved one.

Trace and decorate your hands with stickers or drawings and connect them with a long string. Send them in the mail with the attached poem to a loved one.

Download PDF • 302KB

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms and grandmas! We are lucky to work with such great families!

-Mrs. O'Brien

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