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Last Day of School!

First 3 Things:

Make a list of the first 3 places you plan to go when you are able to get back to your favorite things! Planning for fun trips can help us keep a positive attitude when things are a little unknown...

Last Journal Entry:

If you have not already done so, flip to the next page in your journal and draw a self portrait & write your name! It is so fun to see the difference from the first couple weeks of school to the last! =)

Last Day of Preschool Questionnaire:

Here is a simple questionnaire that could be added to your child's portfolio! =)

Summer is officially here! Thank you all so much for a wonderful year & for your dedication to learning (students) and teaching (parents) during the last couple months! =) To our new Kindergartners, congrats on the completion of preschool! To our preschool friends returning next year, we cannot WAIT to see you all again soon!

Go celebrate the last day of school! YOU DID IT!!!

Love & miss you all!

-Mrs. Mulvenna

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