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Tuesday, May 19th

A message from Mrs. Wehrmann...

Outdoor fun: Bubbles are a favorite outdoor activity for big and small so we tend to run out of bubbles quickly. Here is a simple recipe for a full day of bubble fun!

Color hunt: I'm guessing you've probably caught on that I really enjoy scavenger hunts. :) Here is a fun one that you can do multiple times this summer in your back yard, at the park, on a vacation, in your house, camping, etc..

All you need is a paper bag and markers. Choose a few colors for the bag and look for items that match the color.

Summer schedule: As summer approaches some families enjoy spending their time relaxing while others enjoy a daily activity or schedule. Here are some daily ideas (only if you're looking) that you can make your own during the summer months.

Thank you so much for sticking with us and making learning fun over these last few months. I would love nothing more than to hug each one of you, but know that I miss all of you and wish you a safe and fun summer! To our "graduates" moving on to Kindergarten... best of luck! I know you'll do great things! Until we meet again....

All my best,

Lots of Love-Mrs. Wehrmann xo

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