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Wednesday, May 13

We are so proud of all the hard work our U are U families have done over the past two months! We wish we could celebrate the end of the school year together but have fun at home and be sure to send your teacher a picture of you having fun with these great ideas we are sending you. I know they would love to see it.

Grab some bubbles and food coloring and blow some colorful bubbles onto a white piece of paper. When done you can doodle on the piece of paper to make a picture. Check out the bird I found in my bubble picture. :)

My children also like to blow bubbles in a container when we are stuck indoors. I put some water, blue food coloring, and a few drops of dish soap into a large Tupperware container. Each child was given a straw and instructed to blow out and not in; yuck! They created this huge bubble mountain! All we had to do was pat it down with a paper towel to start the process all over again.

Have some fun singing along with a couple of my favorite summertime songs to sing with my students and kids.

Be sure to stop by Monday, May 18 for Portfolio pick up. Miss you all!

-Mrs. O'Brien

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