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Wednesday, April 8


This week we are working with our numbers and deciding if they are greater than or less than. Use a number line like the one below to decide if a number is bigger or smaller.

Grab a deck of cards and use the number cards 1-10 to play "War". Not only will your child work on identifying numbers they will also work on taking turns, following directions, and winning and losing; all great social skills we need to have.

Sight Words/ Letters:

To review our sight words and/or letters write the words or letters on the bottom of dixie cups. Hide a small toy or piece of candy under each cup. Have your child say each letter or word and then peek

under the cup to find the surprise. I played this my children yesterday and we counted how many cups each person picked up before they found the prize. The person with the lowest score won. We had fun keeping score with chalk on the sidewalk.

Rhyming: Watch Mrs. O'Brien's video above and play the rhyming egg game then dance with Jack Hartman and exercise when you hear a rhyming word.

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