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Wednesday, April 1

Hello Preschool families! Today would be a fun day to review the letter E with your preschooler with a fun trick for April Fool's Day. Tell your child you made some brownies and when they open the pan they will only see Brown E's. Hopefully you will have another pan of real brownies ready to share with them as well.

Bible Story Activity:

Talk with you child about how we are similar to Nehemiah in the bible story as we are divided into two groups during our time at home. We are doing our part at home to keep others healthy and allowing the doctors and nurses to do their jobs to best of their ability just like those who were building the wall to keep their city safe. Have your child build with legos while having this conversation.

Below is a short story you can listen to with your child.

Math Activity: This week our math objective is

measurement and estimation. Let's have some Easter fun with jelly beans! I will e-mail all preschool families a jelly bean measurement activity. Your child can guess, or estimate, how many jelly beans it will take to measure the carrot, bunny, egg, and basket.

Gross Motor: Easter egg hunts are so fun for the little ones and it can easily be turned into a family event. Print out the movement ideas (or write down your own) from the link below and get "eggs-ercising"! Have an older siblings hide the eggs in your home or yard and let the preschooler find the eggs.

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