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Tuesday, March 31st THEME: Rain/Water Letter: Yy Sight Words: I, to Good Morning!

* Songs-Weather song:

*Gross Motor/Movement- Spring Scavenger Hunt/Nature Walk(weather permitting)


  • Print out the nature walk sheet.

  • If you want to reuse the scavenger hunt, slide it into a plastic page protector. If you do this you will need a dry erase marker to mark items as you find them.

  • You may also want to put the list on a clipboard and attach the marker or pencil with string.

  • Dress for the weather and head on outdoors. When you see one of the things on the list you can check the box. You may not spot all the signs of spring straight away. If that is the case take the list with you every time you go out. Keep looking until every item is checked.

*Morning Journal: Draw one item that you saw on your nature walk. Have a parent write down what you drew.

* Social/Emotional- Call or FaceTime a family member to say hi and ask them about the weather. Discuss if it's rainy, windy, sunny or cloudy and the best way to dress for the weather today.

* Shapes & Numbers. Build 2d and 3d shapes with Magna-Tiles or blocks and discuss the name of the shape and how many sides the shape has.

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