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Tuesday, April 7th

Theme: Rain/Water & Easter

Sight words: I, to Review these words & discuss while reading. Point them out to your child and see if they can recognize the word.

Good Morning!

A message from Mrs. Wehrmann

Fun Easter song & dance:

Letter U song:

*Journal: Draw what Easter means to you. Examples may be a cross for Jesus, Easter eggs or the Easter Bunny. Have a parent write about what you drew.

*Social/ Emotional:Say something kind to every family member in your household today (including pets). :)

*Gross Motor: This activity can be done inside or outside.

Grab a roll of painters tape (for inside) or chalk (for outside), a heavy ball or object to push, and some plastic eggs. Move aside the furniture if you can to make a large space or just create one line.Here are some ideas to use with the lines....

1. Walking the lines heel to toe or however else is fun!

2. Jump the lines in different ways or twist the body to move around the lines.

3. Push a ball or object along the line.

4. Line up plastic eggs along the line by color or number and count them.

*Math: Measurement & Building STEM Activities

Materials needed:

1. Set out the supplies at table or floor 2. Demonstrate how to connect the eggs using playdough spheres 3. Encourage them to build 3 dimensional structures. 4. Measure how tall the structure is before deconstructing it!

*Umbrella bag toss:

Use bean bags or any soft object to toss in an umbrella. Count how many “bags” make it in the umbrella & count how many “bags” are on the outside. You can also change the the distance of the umbrella.

Wishing you and you family a safe & healthy Easter!

God bless & stay well!

~Mrs. Wehrmann

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