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Tuesday, April 28th

Message from Mrs. Wehrmann.....

Life Cycle of a Butterfly video:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Cork Painted Caterpillars

What you’ll need to make the cork-painted caterpillars craft:

  • Champagne cork

  • Washable paint

  • Construction paper

  • Googly eyes (or markers)

  • Black pipe cleaners (or markers)

  • Glue

We use champagne corks because of their unique design. The rounded top and flat bottom makes it the perfect tool for little one’s hands and the caterpillars come out delightfully fat. If you don't have a champagne cork any cork will work.

There are a lot of ways you can use these cork caterpillars to learn. Alternate colors to learn about patterns. Count how many spots are in each caterpillar. Compare how many more or how many less spots one caterpillar has than another. Mix colors to see if you can create new caterpillar colors. Cut out the caterpillars once dry for fine motor practice.

Place dots of paint onto a piece of paper or a paper plate. Show the kids how they can dip their cork into the paint, then dab it onto the paper to make a caterpillar’s body. Let the kids explore color, patterns, and varying lengths of caterpillars.

When the kids are done painting, glue two googly eyes onto one of the end circles. Cut two small pieces of black pipe cleaner and glue them to the top of the caterpillar’s head. No google eyes or pipe cleaners? No problem, you can use a marker to draw them on. :)

Butterfly Life Cycle:

Print out and color the Butterfly Life Cycle. You can cut out the eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly to glue them on a piece of construction paper to make a hat. Discuss the life cycle of a butterfly and if you have the items below to create an edible life cycle, enjoy a yummy snack together while you discuss. :)

Journal: Draw a butterfly and have a parent write about the color and size of your butterfly.

Movement: Go outside and flap your arms like the wings of a butterfly. Look for one in your yard.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Wehrmann

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Mrs. Wehrmann
Mrs. Wehrmann

Great job guys! Your life cycle looks like a yummy snack!


Mrs. Mulvenna
Mrs. Mulvenna

Anything involving snacks is a favorite here! Cute idea! They loved it 🥰


Mrs. Mulvenna
Mrs. Mulvenna

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