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Tuesday, April 21st

Theme: Camping

Sight words: as, had

Good Morning! A message from Mrs. Wehrmann....

Campfire song:

Math: Simple Addition- Print out, fold and glue the campfire box. Print the number sheet. Every time you roll the campfire box, keep track of the picture you land on by putting a check line in the box. Try your best to add them all together at the end.

Movement & craft: Take a walk or bike ride and look for rocks and leaves. Use the leaves to make color rubbings with crayons & paper and notice the different patterns. Pick a "special" rock to paint. Create a "pet rock" and give him/her a name.

Matching upper & lowercase letters. Print the sheet below. Name all the letters and practice tracing them. Match the uppercase & lowercase letters.

Journal with our sight words:

1. I had a _______ day today. Draw a picture of how you're feeling today (ex. happy, sad, tired, etc...). Try your best to write the word had.

2. Draw your family as you see them.Try your best to write the words as.

Miss you all VERY much! Hope you have a GREAT week!

~Mrs. Wehrmann

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