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Tuesday, April 14th

Theme: Camping

Sight words: at, is

Good Morning! A message from Mrs. Wehrmann.....

*Uppercase & lowercase song:

*A link to some great learning activities with a camping theme:

*Camping Song-Find the triangles as you listen to the song.

*Gross motor/movement: When we go camping we need a tent! Build a fort/ tent using any material you have at home or outside. You can build an inside fort out of blankets & pillows or a smaller one out of legos and blocks. You can also build an outside fort using sticks, leaves and stones. Be creative and use your imagination.

*Math- Simple addition with plastic bugs (You can use plastic bugs, rocks or small gravel). Use dice to roll a number or call out a number if you don't have dice. Set out the number of bugs and count them together. Roll the dice again and "add" the number of bugs together. Count them all and start over.

*Marshmallow experiment: First check the pantry and the fridge to pick out a couple of liquids to use. You can use cold water, hot (warm) water, cranberry juice, orange juice, vinegar, etc... Other than the hot water, any liquids will work. Just grab what you have on-hand. Then get some cups, marshmallows and stirrers. Have your child count out 5 or so marshmallows and place them in each cup. Pour the liquid on top and discover what happens to the marshmallows in each liquid. Observe what happens in each cup. Do they dissolve? Change shape? Feel different?

*Enjoy a yummy snack of s'mores and sing the s'mores song.

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