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Thursday May, 14th

Hi boys & girls!

Today is Thursday, May 14th, 2020. After today, you only have 4 days left of preschool! Count down the days left on a calendar with a parent or sibling. Talk about how calendars work, how many days are in a week, etc. Here is a simple but catchy Days of the Week song we enjoy singing in class =)

Chalk Number Review/Addition:

Draw a pretty picture with chalk, then write numbers in different parts of the picture. We drew a picture of a flower & put numbers on the petals! Toss your bean bag- just identify the numbers or add them together & have fun!

Letter Sound Review with Leap Frog:

We hope you've been enjoying all the fun activities that have been posted for you to do at home! We miss you all so much & hope you are all doing well!

-Mrs. Mulvenna

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