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Thursday, April 9th

Good Morning!

God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Twan Bergren

Tear Art Easter Egg: Tear Art is one of my favorite crafts! My kids & I made example Tear Art Easter Eggs for you as examples! Draw a large egg on a piece of paper for your child to cut out. Then, have your child tear pieces of construction paper & glue them onto the egg. It's that simple but makes a cute craft you could hang on the refrigerator or give to a loved one! Make just one or make a dozen ;) Feel free to post a picture of your child with his/her egg for their friends to see!

All you need to do this craft is:

-a piece of paper to draw a large Easter egg

-construction paper to tear

-scissors, pencil & glue

Maddie made her egg with big and small, colorful pieces! My son Logan used all small pieces and made a pattern! Have fun creating your own Tear Art Easter Egg! =)

Easter Egg Letter Matching: If you have some extra Easter Eggs, use a marker and write capital letters on the top half of the egg & lowercase letters on the bottom half. Mix up all of the egg halves, and help your child match the capital letters to the lowercase letters. Putting the eggs together is great fine motor work for little fingers (& works on color matching too!)

*This could also be done with numbers by putting 1-10 on the top half of the egg & dots on the bottom half!

Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze: (Gross Motor)

Have fun flopping your ears, shaking your tail and hopping like a bunny with one of our favorites, Jack Hartman!

Have a Happy Easter & God Bless all of your sweet families!

-Mrs. Mulvenna :)

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Hunter's colorful egg. (It's hit or miss when he will actually let me take his picture)


Mrs. Mulvenna
Mrs. Mulvenna
Apr 10, 2020

Wow! Those eggs are so colorful! Great work Emmett & Stella!!! ❤️


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