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Thursday, April 23rd

Good Morning!

Science: Bean Seed Experiment

Number Formation Rhymes: There are many different rhymes to teach number formation & any of them will work just fine! Every time we write a number in the our classroom, we say that number's rhyme. Before ya know it, writing numbers is second nature while saying the rhymes! I've posted a fun numbers formation chart I found but I'm also going to post the rhymes we say in our classroom daily! Pick one of these or make up your own fun rhymes and practice writing those numbers! =)

Number Rhymes:

0 Start on top and around you go, that’s the way we make a 0!

1 Straight line down and then you’re done, that’s the way you make a 1!

2 Candy cane and then a shoe, that’s the way you make a 2!

3 Backwards C backwards C, that’s the way you make a 3!

4 Down and over and down some more, that’s the way you make a 4!

5 Short neck, belly fat, Mr. Five wears a hat!

6 Slide down and around to pick up sticks, that’s the way you make a 6!

7 Across the sky and down from Heaven, that’s the way you make a 7!

8 Make an S and then don’t wait, close the gate and you’ve got an 8!

9 Make a circle then a line, that’s the way you make a 9!

Counting On: Start counting a few numbers & then pause. Have your child write &/or say the number that would come next. For example, you could say "5, 6, 7, ___" and your child would write &/or say 8!

Devotions for Preschoolers: In a devotion for this week, I read a story about a little boy that liked to climb up in a tree and think about things that made him happy. He would think about the trees and the birds and the big beautiful sky that God had made. Think of things that make you happy. Ask your parents and/or siblings what makes them happy too! Is there something you could do today to make someone else happy? Maybe telling someone you love them or making cookies for a lonely neighbor? Many times making someone else smile, makes us smile too! =)

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Mrs. Mulvenna

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