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THEME: RAIN/WATER, Letter: Yy, Sight Words: I, to, Book: Come On, Rain By Jan Muth

Good Morning!

At the bottom of this page, I read aloud the book of our theme this week.

You are welcome to send any pictures of your student doing any of our activities. I believe you can comment and add pictures and videos to this blog.

Web Sites to refer to:

Songs: Rain, rain go away, Alphabet song with sign language by Patty Shukla

Activities: (Fine Motor) Make it rain! Poke holes in a plastic cup and put water in sink or tub along with squeeze bottles and cotton balls for clouds. Let your child pretend it is raining from the cups, clouds and squeeze bottles. They love to pour, scoop and play. This is also a great time to have them wash some of their toys and lay on a towel to air dry.

Journal: What is your favorite thing to do in the rain? Draw it and have someone write down what you drew.

Math: (Gross Motor) Puddle jumping! Write numbers 1-10 on blue paper if you have it or white and color it blue. You can even have your child cut it out in the shape of a puddle. Play some music and have your child (siblings too) jump from puddle to puddle until you pause the music. When music stops, have them tell you the number they are on and count to that number. If able, use that number and another to add together. This is a good time to sing, rain rain go away or play it for this game!

*If it has rained and there are puddles outside, feel free to puddle jump for real and count how many times they can jump in the puddles.

Literacy: Read a book about spring, water, rain etc... and listen to the letter Y song. Listen and talk about ComeOn, Rain! (our book for this theme)

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