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THEME: Rain/Water

Good Morning everyone!

Letter Uu

Sight words: review I, to- While reading with your child, stop and see if they can recognize the words I and to when you get to them in the book.

Book: PUDDLES By Jonathan London

Shapes: review rectangle- Help your child draw rectangles on sidewalk with chalk and teach them to play hopscotch. Great for gross motor, getting out of the house and burning off some energy!

Yours may look something like this! ;-)

Numbers: Measurement- Have your child trace their foot and someone else in the families foot and measure them with a ruler. See if they can tell you how many inches they are and who's is larger and smaller. They can measure everyone in the families feet and make a graph of smallest to largest!

Cloud Writing: Literacy and fine motor. Add shaving cream or cool whip onto a cookie sheet and add some blue food coloring or paint to make the shaving cream cloud appear blue or dark and ready to rain! Have them practice writing a Uu, their names, shapes, numbers, or a weather scene. You can also do this in a taped closed big zip lock bag for a less messy version!

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Unknown member
Apr 08, 2020

Wow, that's a big foot Hunter! 😊


Hunter measuring his foot with chalk. 7inches. :)


Unknown member
Apr 06, 2020

Great job Braden!!!!♥️


Braden really enjoyed making squares and rectangles with chalk today. He even practiced writing his numbers. ❤️ He kept his uniform (show and tell) on all day. 😂


Fun activities today! George had fun. Thank you!

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