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THEME: Butterflies

BOOK: The Butterfly

CRAFT: Make a butterfly out of your hand! Lots of the kids in my class like to trace hand. This video shows how to make your traced hand into a butterfly. Feel free to simplify this how every you like. There are lots of ways for example drawing instead of cutting so many little pieces out. Add it to the portfolios you will receive at the end of the school year if you'd like.

COLOR: Review with Fly Away Little Butterflies Song

JOURNAL: For our older students, try writing some of the color words that we have talked and sang about in class and that are in this video. For our younger kiddos, try and use the six colors in the rainbow and tell someone at home, what color it is you used.

OUTSIDE FUN: Play Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light outside with your family. This gives them practice following directions.

Have an amazing Monday everyone!!!

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