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Thursday, April 2nd

Theme: Rain/Water

Letter: Yy

Sight Words: I, to

Good Morning!

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Science & Fine Motor: I have posted a video of how to do a science experiment called Rain Cloud in a Jar! Please feel free to watch the video & complete the experiment at home as well if you'd like! The only supplies you need are a cup of water, shaving cream, blue food coloring & some sort of eye dropper (or a spoon to pour the blue food coloring.)

Journal Entry: Draw a picture of what happened during the science experiment in your journal & ask a parent/sibling to write about what you drew! =)

Music & Math:

Help your child count backwards from 5 with a little subtraction!

Gross Motor: Grab a deck of cards & let's get moving! Take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. Whatever card you draw, you do the corresponding exercise! Have fun with this & try to wear those kiddos out! =)


Hearts: Do 5 Jumping Jacks

Clubs: Do 5 Push-ups

Diamonds: Hop on one foot 5 times

Spades: Run in place while counting to 10



Hearts: Ride your bike to the next driveway & back

Clubs: Write your name in chalk

Diamonds: Bounce a ball 5 times

Spades: Swing back & forth on your swing 10 times

Literacy & Sight Words: Let your child pick their favorite book & read it together. When you get to one of the sight words "I" or "to," pause & let your child read the word for you! (Our past sight words from the last two weeks were: in, a, and, & can. If you see any of those words, try to help your child read them aloud as well if they can!)

We are praying you all stay safe & healthy during these times! Have a wonderful weekend & we will see you on Monday!

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